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09-15-2004, 05:49 AM
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Whats most frustrating to me is that the people who created this mess are still in charge. The knowledege they have of the game and sports in general is pitiful. For example, when the issue of removing the redline was raised during the olympiques. After the tournament Bettman had made up his mind, he said something "look all of the best talent is here but the scoring still didnīt go up". What did he expect in one
game elimination format?

Hockey is my by far my fav. game but I watch allot of sports. A sport like Soccer has brougth its scoring up by 150-200% with allot of small fine tuning of their rules. In soccer a ball like they used in the WC costs something like 100$ to make. They`ve had hundreds of scientist who works day and nigth to come up with a ball like they use today. Hockey has done basically nothing, the puck has been the same for 150 years. If they could create a faster puck so 75% of the players would shoot like MacInnis scoring would be up. If they could limit obstruction scoring would be up, but they havenīt even tried. Hockey today is basically a game without rules, a two minute penalty doesnīt hurt. A trapping team can take 4 obstructions penaltys, they know they will get atleast 4 minutes PP because the refs will compensate them and they know that it wonīt matter when it counts, because the refs wonīt call anything late in games and in the playoffs.

Why donīt hockey starts calling "team penaltys", if a team is called two times for obstruction, give them a 5 minute penalty. Refeeres are like a producer of a game in most sports, but in hockey a team can completly ignoree any guidelines or crackdowns ment to change the game and still win! That would be impossible in Soccer, Basketball, baseball and probably even in Fotball or Rugby... If a player gets a redcard in soccer his team will most likely lose, all it takes is that a player pulls someones jersey twice and his team will lose.

My hope is that if changes are going to be made its up to the CHL. If they change their game the NHL have to follow.

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