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Originally Posted by PIMking View Post
What does D and EE mean?
D is a regular width and E widths are wider than normal D widths.

I wear a D width.

You must know that different manufacturers are all different, CCM Reebok for example have a wider D width than other companies. You must also know that some companies have a different sizing method from each other.

Mission skates for example are size 13 if you wear a size 13 shoe but Bauer Nike are 11.5 skate size if you wear a 13 shoe. I'm going by USA sizes by the way ...

I actually own a couple of pair of Bauer skates. I wear a 13 shoe and have an 11.5 Bauer Vapor skate and I also have a pair of Vapor skates at size 12 for use on outdoor ice because I wear a double thick sock because I got frostbite in one of my big toes once playing when it was 6 degree Fahrenheit outside. It took a good month to heal properly and was a huge pain in the butt.... errrrr I mean foot.

Okay I'm babbling at this point sorry ;p

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