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09-15-2004, 08:59 AM
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Well this is the funniest thread in a while....

Nothing really more to add except that most of us are probably dealing with this unless your girl is a huge sports nut. Then that's an automatic keeper.

Just to add.....this past weekend:

Saturday 1pm:
My GF: Hey, I wanted to pick something up at the Mall. Can you come with me?
Me: Sorry, Yankees game on, can't go...

Saturday 4pm:

My GF: Hey, I wanted to go jogging. Will you go with me?
Me: Sorry, game still on....

Saturday 8pm:

My GF: Wanna go out and get some drinks?
Me: Sorry, Penn State is playing PLUS the World Cup is on....
My GF: But I really want to go out!
Me: But this may be the last time I see hockey in a long time....

I won't even go into Sunday with the Jets, Giants and Yankees playing. She knew to leave early and come back late

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