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Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
That's some weird logic you use there.. So because Kovalev had a better season than him pts wise (in a different era and team mind you) he's better than Gaborik?

I'm pretty sure 30 out of 30 GMs in the league would pick Gaborik over Kovalev any time of the year.. unless their salary cap can't handle it.
Not only that but he links stats that show a guy who for 4 seasons straight averages among the top 5 in the NHL in points per game.

Then he tries to say that makes Kovalev as good as Gaborik. LOL

When Kovalev was off getting 90pts other players in the NHL like Gretzky were getting like 150pt seasons lawl. Different era for one, different ages for two, and for three it's like if I tried to compare Bure to Satan. Sorry to say, there is no comparison, Gaborik is far more talented then Kovalev, and this is coming from a guy who loves Kovalev.

Originally Posted by Shred View Post
Lecavalier has been injured and has not been the same since. He was tearing it up last year until he got hurt, then produced decent but not at the same pace. This year he has 67 points, and nothing indicates that he would do more than 60-70 points on the Habs. It's good, but guys like Plekanec and Kostitsyn have hit around that total so those players are easier to come by than a guy like Lecavalier who has the reputation of a 100 point scorer and will be set up to fail in Montreal, where he doesn't really want to play anyway. I would much rather get a free agent who will cost us no players / picks and would want to play in Montreal.

I think a guy like Gaborik might want to prove that he can actually play a few good seasons in a row and contribute on a playoff team before he becomes too old so it might be the best time to get him.
My sentiments on the entire thing exactly.

Originally Posted by ekof232 View Post
At this point in his career Gaborik is probably one of the most offensively dynamic players in the league.

At this point in his career Gaborik is probably one of the most fragile players in the league.

At this point in his career Gaborik is probably one of the players most likely to demand big money (as in 7+ millions big).

Point taken, this guy is just not worth it, and brings more negatives than positives at the table. Definitely one player we do NOT want on our team right now (fragile+ inconsistent+ selfish+ big money= NO GOOD).
It's funny how people say that, but then turn around and say Lecavalier is the answer.

At this point in Lecavalier's career he's a 70-80pt guy max.

Since Lecavalier's injury he hasn't been the same.

Lecavalier has a horrible contract and is NOT UFA.

Lecavalier's team the lightning would want at least a top prospect like Subban, plus a few roster players, plus picks, for a 70-80pt guy who imo could get injured like any other player but also has a massive contract?

If you ask me, it's a scam deal. We take on Tampa's horrible contract for a guy who might not even ever return to full form. Who knows on the habs maybe he regresses to 60pts.

I'd rather take a young but fragile player who has the potential/talent to be a top 5 guy in the NHL if he stays healthy, when it hasn't even yet been proven that he is in fact injury prone STILL due to the surgery which may have fixed the problem. In Montreal we have good doctors who could take a look at the merchandise before purchasing, and I doubt Gab would be against it unless he really did have something to hide.

To me, the bad outweighs the good far more with Vinny then Gaborik.

Gaborik we sign him and we don't give up future franchise players like Subban (yes, I do have that much faith in subban) and guys like Plek (who could bounce back and be a 70pt guy, pretty much equivalent in points to vinny) or Higgins (good pker). Not to mention the whole Higgins + Plek + Subban + Picks deal sounds like a heaping load of crap because why would tampa take 2 guys who are unproven or had 1 good season but play like crap lately? Sorry to say but even if that was the deal, I don't wanna give up ANYTHING for a guy with a longterm contract who is like a 70pt guy and won't likely return to form.

At least Gaborik has proven that when healthy he is among the elite nhl forwards. He hasn't yet been proven that he is STILL injury prone, his surgery could've fixed him up perfectly. You need to take risks to get some where in the post season. You think signing ovechkin wasn't a risk for washington? Any player CAN get injured.

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