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04-15-2009, 11:38 AM
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thanks for the replies everyone. my current stick is one of the old black/silver stealths with a gaborik curve. it comes up to about my chin without skates on. i do feel like im hunching over a little bit too much when i play, but i haven't been playing for all that long and i've only had one stick so its hard to tell what i'm going to prefer. i also have experienced some back pain, but i dont know if its related to my stick more or just bad form...or if its even hockey related at all.

honestly, i think im just going to go with my gut instinct and try a supreme one85 w/ the pm9. its longer, and the pm9 is considerably different than the gaborik curve im used to. since its early on in my hockey career...why not try some new stuff out and see what i prefer?

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