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04-15-2009, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by cityylightss View Post
thanks for the replies everyone. my current stick is one of the old black/silver stealths with a gaborik curve. it comes up to about my chin without skates on. i do feel like im hunching over a little bit too much when i play, but i haven't been playing for all that long and i've only had one stick so its hard to tell what i'm going to prefer. i also have experienced some back pain, but i dont if its related to my stick more or just bad form...or if its even hockey related at all.
the stick is really preference. i have mine up to about my mouth off skates, i know people that use it below their chin. your back problem probably has to do with bad form. you are suppose to keep your back straight when skating, that should relieve some of the pain. you could always get a butt end for it

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