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Originally Posted by Kiraly View Post
The group of 1992-born players is the strongest group coming out of Hungary in quite some time. There are also some 1993-born players that are looking promising. Hungary was pretty close to winning the tournament this year with a fairly young team so I think expectations will be on promotion next year.

The top two scorers for Hungary in Belarus were born in 1993. Both players are members of the Budapest Stars which has some sort of a cooperative agreement with Nove Zamky. So both players also played a handful of games with the Slovakian club. It appears the experience is paying dividends.

I don’t know much about prospects born after 1993, but there will be an opportunity to get a glimpse of what is to come this week in Prague. The Hungarian U14 (1995 and younger) team will be in Prague this week for an international tournament. Teams from Slovakia, Russia, Sweden, Finland and North America will also be participating. Playing against teams from these countries will undoubtedly be a great challenge for them and should be a good experience regardless of the outcomes.

Well, that sounds good about next year, good luck to you, I just hope that Slovakia won´t get relegated and we won´t have to face you next year.

Yes, I´ve heard about the co-operation between Nove Zamky and Budapest Stars, but I think what helpes you even more is to have your best junior players playing in top junior European leagues like Janos Hari in Sweden, it´s definitely a better route than Slovakian juniors.

Interesting to hear about that tournament, do you have anymore info?? For example which team/s from Slovakia should be participating? Because I don´t know much about the Slovak 1995 borns, but I do know that there are two guys who seem to be real stand-outs right now.

One of them is MHK Dubnica´s RW Patrik Koyš, who has spent most of the season in the Slovak U15 league and he´s the leading scorer with 122points (56G,66A) and a +/- rating of +129 in just 39 games despite the fact that most of the kids playing in the league are 93/94 borns. He has also played in 8 U18 Division 1 league games collecting 12 points (8G,5A) and finished the season with a +16 rating. Dubnica has been promoted to the U18 Extraliga and he might actually get a lot of ice-time next year.

The other one is son of (now) former MHC Martin player Jaroslav Török- RW TomᚠTörök who has played 2 games in the U14 league (4G,5A,+10), 14 games in the U15 league (9G,8A,+19) and he has spent most of the 2nd half of the season plazing with MHC Martin in the U18 Extraliga and his numbers are quite impressive for a kid his age-12G,18A for 30 points in 26 games and +20. And I think that he was the youngets player in the whole league. He was already playing on the top line of the U18 team this year and if he keeps it up, he might even get a glimpse of the U20 league next year.

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