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04-15-2009, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by MrKurri'soupkitchen View Post
Actually you are negative and clueless (as usual) Why bring Hatcher back into the fold? I'll give it a shot. Had you ever actually played hockey you would realize that being a Captain is a very difficult role to occupy. There is no set formula for success. Some Captains lead by example (Desjardins), some are more vocal than others (Preems) some hold you accountable away from the media (Poulin) but in all cases the Captain has the respect of all his teammates and they follow whatever example he sets on and off the ice. I'm sorry to say that Mike Richards does not command the respect of at least a third of his teammates and thats not entirely his fault. He's young and inexperienced in the role and it will come in time. My main criticism with Richards is not his lackadaisical play at times but rather his inability to hold his teammates accountable for their lack of intensity and commitment to winning. Regardless of cap concerns because really what Hockey fan really cares about that type of **** over the actual game itself, Hatcher is a part of this team. What kind of message do you think it sends to a young player to look across the room and see Derian standing there broken and bent over, It says dedication. It says sacrifice. It says selflessness. All the qualities any team exhibits to make it to the glorious end.

The reason you don't bring Hatcher on the road with 2 weeks left is you give every possible chance and opportunity to Mike Richards to right the ship himself because that is the role of the Captain and that is the trust a GM places onto his Captain. When he demonstrates that he is incapable of doing this, as he showed in the last week of the season, you look to your teammates, your veterans to step up and lead the way. And for all the pissing and moaning about Stevens and his own inability to motivate his players You don't build around a coach, you build round the "C" on the crest.

Game starts in 5 hours, lets go win a ****ing Cup!

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