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09-15-2004, 12:00 PM
True Blue
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Bettman's real plan?

Lately I've been reading/hearing the same thing from several different reports. Could it be that the real reason that Bettman seems so cavalier in his attitude towards canceling a season is because he has another real reason to do so? Could Bettman's REAL plan be to cancel the season, so that at the outset of next year he could declare a labor impasse? What that would do is send the players on a strike and the owners, in turn, would be able to set up whatever rules they want. So, at that point, the owners would take in all the minor leaguers, draft choices, and whatever players want to cross the line.
I've seen this mentioned in several publications and websites now. So, I truly believe that this idea has legs. When one thinks about it, it makes sense. Bettman cancels an entire season, and then essentially starts a league with whatever rules he wants. He believes that the hockey fan will be so starved for the NHL that they will tune in and show up to watch anyone play in their team's uniform.

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