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09-16-2004, 01:01 AM
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The point I was trying (ineloquently) to make was that baseball tried to declare a labor impasse in 1995 and instuitute their own rules. It failed miserably and was quickly thrown out in court. You may also remember that baseball tried to put together scab teams but the effort essentially fell apart because they couldn't find enough players. Some owners -- specifically Peter Angelos -- did not even participate. The Clarett/Mike Williams case and decision was/is much different because it is based on a a specific clause in a negotiated labor agreement. My point about Canada (and maybe some of our brethern north of the border can help me out) is that I've been told that the Canadian system has low regard for employers who lock out employees and try create their own work rules. I think the part that will push many owners to ultimately negotiate is that they own control their arenas, they have significant expenses that they cannot stop and dark arena days will mount up quickly. At some point, the value of NHL franchises will decline below established debt ratios and banks will be calling loans.

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