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04-17-2009, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
to go bankrupt again?

i think not many players will be back. lots of new players coming. and hopefully it'll be about character.

in goal i agree with you. a good reliable goalie is what örebro needs.

on D i really want emil axelsson back. i have not heard anything about it though. no clue if he wants to.

if they really want to compete with the better teams, there's a lot of better players needed.

at least andersson will stay coach for 2 more years. and it sounds like he took a örebro discount.
I kept hearing that kids like Emil would like to come back to Örebro if they made it out of the swamps. However, talk is cheap, and let's not kid ourselves, Örebro is the prime candidate to be relegated in an Allsvenska that will be considerably better next season than it was this year. So, who wants to come to Örebro right now unless "they have nothing to lose"?

As much as I hate imports, I have a feeling that one way to break the deadlock and show people how serious Örebro is to succeed would be to get one or two imports of higher rank. *shudder* ... They've got to do something to turn people's focus away from that pre-war cement bunker they call ice rink, which isn't even up to AS standards.

Peter's "Örebro discount" as it was labeled in Nerikes Allehanda is prolly more a media ploy from Örebro to portray Peter as an all-heart guy. I have nothing against him, and I'm sure he enjoys being part of Örebro's success, no doubt, but in all honesty, EVERYBODY is taking a "discount" right now. Where would he go and get a contract for better money than he got in Örebro? Surely, he didn't get the contract he would have gotten 2-3 years ago, but who is today? Even that "youngster" Staal went back to "BabyHawks," the all-heart-no-money team, and I heard he took a "BabyHawk" discount as well. ;-)

Seriously, the global credit freeze is a God's gift for Swedish hockey. I really believe that. The salaries have been incredibly inflated, and whereas they still are, I keep hearing great things such as greater focus on kids coming out of the organizations rather than imports. I can only be so naive to hope that it will actually find traction and become the "new" model, which I bet would also be a giant boost for the interest in Swedish Jr. hockey... hockey's real future in Sweden.

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