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09-16-2004, 08:38 AM
True Blue
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After seeing seeing some of the press conference

More than ever I am convinced that Bettman is disengenous. He has NEVER been intereted in anything but a lockout. The only option he has is to cancel the season because he feels that this will force the NHLPA to do what he wants, namely a cap. In order for him to come to an agreement over the summer, well that would require one thing that he is not willing to do......compromise.
Y'know, a little while back, myself and Klingsor were having a discussion on wether or not fans like myself would come back. At first, I put on airs and said no way. Then, after debating with Klingsor, I said that, yeah, I would be back. Now, hearing people throw around words like 12-18 month long lockout, I am mad. If the NHL thinks that they can cancel 2 entire seasons and still expect fans to come back, that is certainly their right. But an 18 month lockout will probably mean that someone like myself will not be back. IF they can go 2 entire seasons without hockey, then they can make every effort to create new hard-core fans. They certainly will not need my fandom.

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