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09-16-2004, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
Are salaries too high? Probably, but who's to say because a salary is what someone is willing to pay for your services, typically. You tax the owners and redistribute the income, and your lower revenue/payroll guys can make money and compete. If the owners truly are running deficits (the guys in the $45-80 million payroll range), then with less revenue due to sharing, and with taxes above certain payroll levels, they cannot afford to keep signing guys the way they are signing them because it will cost substantially more than it did yesterday.
Off course salaries are too high. But for everyone clamoring for a salary cap, realized that no matter WHAT business you are in, the same thing could be said. I work for a firm that does pretty well. But it would be VERY easy to produce books that show nothing but huge losses (Heck, just buy certain luxury boxes under the name of a dummy corporation or partnership and while YOU could show losses, the amount that is being truly made by you will never be seen as it is split between the REAL you and your dummy corp). I do not think that people realize just how easy it is to show net loss instead of net income. So at that point, what if the people that run my firm decide that a salary cap is the way to go? That they deside that despite the fact that they are paying myself an amount that they deemed "market-level" and an amount that they deemed worthy, they now have to place a cap on the entire firm? So now my salary has to get halved and so does everyone who is working around me. So now, no matter how well I do or perform, I can only get paid a certain amount because the firm, as a whole, cannot go over the cap. How happy would I be?
This is what ALL of you would be facing. For all those that are clamoring for a salary cap, how would YOU feel if the amount that you could make would have a ceiling? That is not capitalism, which is the way that this great country of ours works.
And for Bettman to blame the players for the current state of the league is assinine. He bargained the last CBA. It is him that is responsible for expanding the league into markets that it had no business in being. Wonder how those losses from last year would look if you take out the losses generated by just 3 or 4 of the "expansion" teams?

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