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04-17-2009, 01:57 PM
Mr Oysterhead
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I don't think everyone should be so sure that our guys "don't respect Stevens". Just the other week in the STH meeting thread attendees were saying how much you could see Stevens cares about his players and how all the guys love the highlight video's with the cheesy team building music that Stevens makes for them. Doesn't sound like a
relationship absent of respect to me...

I wouldn't blame the inconsistency on lack of respect for the coach. Our players are young, there isn't a lot of veteran leadership on this team and that has been echoed throughout the year. So why don't people pay more attention to it? Having a young team, no matter what the sport is, generally comes hand in hand with inconsistency. I know Richie is a great captain and a leader, but we would have benefited greatly from having a few more experienced vets in the lineup. Why do you think they made Hatch a coach and put him on the bench?

If the argument were that Stevens isn't a great motivator, I'd be inclined to agree as I think the evidence is there to back up that statement. Holmgren has had to intervene at a couple diff points the last two years and it seems obvious that Stevens needs to improve his motivation skills.

I like Stevens, but I'm not totally sold on the guy either. The players seem to like him and he has produced but there are clear deficiencies as well. I'm all for giving him another year or half year to prove himself, he has earned that.

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