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09-16-2004, 09:55 AM
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The NHL is a bunch of liars...

They say there losing money, but they wont open thier books to show it...

So lets say for arguments sake they are losing money!

Point 1). Why do they have those teams there? Get ride of them.. it only makes sense.

Point 2). Stop over-paying your players... i'm pretty sure Holik at 8 mil could have been Holik at 4-5 mil. etc).

NHL wants a cap on players? and no Lux. Tax becuase it's fluctuates?

THe NHLPA offered a 50 mil cap per team...

I don't see whats wrong with that and a lux. tax....

I understand that NHL wants thier **** done there way.. but they only Side that is acutally trying here is the Players Union...

It's rediculus... if no one wants to budge.. whats the point of even talking????

Close the League down.. they are just wasting time.... they had over a year to descuss this, and they waited until the last minute to start talking, and then they meet 2-3-4 times and thats it.... Thats ********. Overhaul the League throw them all on their *****!!!


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