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09-16-2004, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler

How many times must it be said? Goodenow will not be dumped by the players, the guy is almost Jesus-Christ and did miracles for them. He doesn't walk on water but almost.

I think you're fooling yourself big time.

What you're saying, essentially is: I think the players should wake up and fire the guy that allowed them to *totally own* the owners, put them on their knees and beg to accept a system where the players have ruled like never before.

Do you realize just how totally insane this is? The guy has the track record where he put the players totally over the top and (cue scary music: tum tum tum) they
should "overthrow" him before it's too late :lol

There is no way the players will drop the guy after such glowing success. Big time CBA win that screws up the owner, followed by a renewal of the same ****ed up CBA. He has been money for them. From the players' perspective, the guy certainly deserves to go all the way on this one.

The players can certainly accept a lesser CBA, but they will let Goodenow in place to negociate it nonetheless. They'd be crazy not to.
Goodenow will die before he caves so the only solution is to dump him. Smart agents that found ways to manipulate the old CBA are more responsible for the 1.8 million league average than Goodenow was. Mike Barnett with Joe Thornton in Boston had as much to do with salary escalation as anyone. It's fire Goodenow now or see 200 NHL jobs disapear over the next 2 years while both sides refuse to cross or even get closer to that deep line in the sand. Bettman will always have at least 8 owners on his side and public opinion is also on the owners side. Time for the players and Goodenow to wake up and smell the coffee. 1.3 and playing is a lot better than nothing. Heck, if they give it a try a compromise of 1.5 mill per is likely there for the taking.

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