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09-16-2004, 11:48 AM
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A thought

Why do both sides need to wait for a season or half a season to resolve this?

Both sides know what each other will lose in the given time period. The NHLPA knows its in trouble if this lasts for a full year. There are about 2 billion in revenues at stake. In addition, the NHL could be badly weakened by an extended lockout. And I refuse to think that both sides don't feel guilty for alienating the fans.

Why not just walk into the negociating room as if it was January or next September? I don't know much about union negociations, but why is a lockout neccessary?

The NHLPA knows that the owners have the upper hand here. It's survival as an organization, and the income of it's members, is at stake. Why not propose a real luxery tax? Why are they pretty much accepting a lockout?

And why don't the owners propose a real luxery tax? They can save face by calling it a "soft cap", and the NHLPA can call it a damn luxery tax. The owners are looking for about a 20-25 percent decrease in salaries. They can get more than a 10% decrease simply through the proposed paycut and entry level cuts. A luxery tax should be able to cut spending about as much, if its a strong one.

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