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09-16-2004, 02:15 PM
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Unions weren't created because someone though it would be fun, and they weren't created in an age of prosperity either. Someone saying that they should be taken down is pretty inconsiderate. Some unions abuse and go too far, some just have the worker's interest in mind. For Air Canada for example, it was taking big paycuts or the airline going out of business, they took the paycuts because they knew management was serious.
However for those greedy unions, what do you say to them, "yes the owners/bosses abused the average worker for 5000 years, but you're an evil person for asking for a 10% payraise!"

The same can be said about the NHL, when the union talks first started, the owners of Detroit traded that player to a hockey wasteland in Chicago. (some with hockey history help me on this) Phil Esposito was working in a steel factory during the summers between seasons, Phil Esposito.
I don't really side with the players, because I'm sure they don't do it with their past brothers in mind who taken adantage of for the NHL's first 70 years, but you can't call them the devil after they've only done it for such a short period of time when compared to the owners.

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