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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
even if there's a correlation between bad decisions & higher salary, if the teams losing money because of those bad decision, why should the other pay entirely for those decisions ?

MLB have problem & they didn't solve everything when they sign the CBA & they didn't expect the MLBPA to give everything to solve in 1 minutes. There was an agreement that both feels they can't work on it.

MLBPA make some compromise
MLB took those & build it so 1 year later the salaries took a shut down of 3% even if the ''FANS'' think the luxury tax is ridiculous.

To get back to the NHL

CBA is not related to
- Bad markets
Can't be the players fault if some arena are empty & ticket price is not the sole reason

- Bad management
Can't be the players fault is some owner took all the money at some time in their franchise & sign a poor lease arena.

those 2 alone could be a consequences between making 5M$ profits & losing 20 to 30M$ a year !!!

Also a CBA agreement like any fan would like to think, is 2 sides that feels they could live together.

NHL owners asking to the NHLPA to solve all the problems without pointing GM's & staff is naive & selfish.

Facts :
NHLPA offer a paycut of 5% that would result of 108M$ in saving.
without judgement ,it's called compromised.

NHLPA offer a luxury tax.
even if the luxury tax is poor or good, it's called compromised.

NHLPA cutback in Entry level Rookie bonuses. that would result to 60M$ in saving.
without any judgement it's called compromised.

I'm not saying it's a good or bad proposal but at least that should shut the mouth of fan thinking players are GREEDY. Wanting to not lose all their privileges & being greedy is not the same thing.

If NHLPA are willing to make those compromised it's at least a starting point to negociate something like a better luxury tax, maybe a 10% paycut (200M$).

The other side, Owners are playing the game ''my way or the highway''. Maybe the fans like it because they are bitter to see people making 1,8M$ for playing hockey but a CBA hockey or real life related is not negotiated by one side take-it or leave-it.

- Players need to recognize that teams are losing money & so far I listen that for the NHLPA executives.

- Owners need to recognize they made mistake & they can't ask the players to resolve all the problems they created so far all they said is ''we made some mistake & now we are trying to fix it''. They try to fix by asking the players to cave for their failure to put the CBA at their advantages.


Granted all these are concessions by the players. But they do not in any address a long term health of the league. 5% roll back on current salaries means what 2.5M per team? 60 million saved from entry level salaries, one is that over the life of current 3-year entry level salaries or is an annual savings, say it's annual that's what $2M per team and the other concession revenue sharing (10 cents on the dollar over 50M and 30 cents on the dollar over 60M) would save $80-$100M annual, so thats $3M per team. The offer was worse than the one they proposed in October 03. . Added up that comes to $7.5M per team 20 teams lost in excess on $340M which works out to an average of $17M lost per team. $340M minus what profitable teams made brings the net loss to $224-$273M reported. So with this proposal 20 teams would still lose on the average $9.5M annual. This proposal does nothing but band-aid the problem, a seeping band-aid at that. The proposal does nothing to bring parity to the league, it does nothing to prevent big-market teams from using small market teams as a farm club. I agree with the lock-out, I hate missing hockey but if it fixes the situation then I'll wait. I'm just hoping more players like Madden stand up and say something and that the owners will stay united in their stance.

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