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09-16-2004, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by DarkHorse
Would I take a paycut to make sure my company would stay in business? You better believe it if it meant I still made over a million and worked 2/3rds of the year playing a game.
Years ago myself and the rest oft he staff took a pay cut at a small NON_UNION company that I'd put in 3 years with because we were going through a rough time, but I, and everyone else thought management had been good to us and we wanted to be good to them, and I certainly made a helluva lot less than 5% of the average salary of an NHL'er. We would have gone out of business if we hadn't. That company, btw, though I no longer work there, still exists and is one of the few to survive a nasty industry contraction, with most of that staff still there.

Frankly, this is about protecting the Union and the Doug Weights and Curtis Josephs.... not the Adam Mairs and the Ty Conklins.


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