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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
Again, do you really think in 1 year everything will be solve ?

the PA offer 160M$ saving that 2/3 of the problems RIGHT NOW !!!

Can we suppose that
1) Owners will try to decrease salary like they ALREADY DID the last 2 summer.

With the ACTUAL CBA the owners by THEMSELVES did go from 273M$ to 224M$ that 18% better than 1 year ago in the actual CBA

2) Owners will adress their issues regarding MARKETS in trouble

3) Will owners be that stupid to re-do a 9M$ to Holik ?

4) Rookie for 3 years got 1,2M$ even if he scored 41 GOALS !!! Can we say , the OWNER got more his money that what he was suppose to get ? What's wrong on a 41 goals player to get 4-5M$ for 3-4 years after his rookie contract ?

So you're saying it's ok for an owner to exploit an underpaid rookie @ 1,2M$ who score 41 GOALS but it's not okay for a player to ask for 4-5M$ on a long term after he done that ?

Again stop thinking only as a fan & think as if you were on both sides.
I'm thinking of it from both sides. The players salary in 1990 was bit over 270K, in 2003 it's 1.8M so in 13-14 years the players salary jumped 700%. In that same time the owners lost around what 8.1Billion. If I'm looking at from a fans prespective well then fine, and a fan of a small market team at that. I do not want to see a league where we have a 2-3 Yankee type franchises and 10 or more KC Royal like franchises, hey but that's just me. The players have had much their way since '94 and I agree with the owners on this one, I won't apologize for that. A $38M cap with a $28M dollar minimal salary cap I don't think is to far out of line. If revenues increase than a percentage of that increase goes to the union or it's players.

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