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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
Also, maybe you're new to this process but in the 224M$ losses

6 teams had 168M$ of those 224M$, can you say it's CBA issues ? Even the STL Blues didn't care about the losses. What's the problem if the owner want to spend this & does not care of the losses ?

that means 14 teams for 56M$ = 4M$ per team !! Can we say that 4M$ is not suppose to be an issue to make a 1 year lockout ? I don't think so.
It's not $224M it's $340M in totals losses if you do not include teams that made money. But still point taken $340-$168, works out to $172 divided by 14, works out to a bit over $12M per team. Why is it to you that owners who put up their own money cannot expect to make at least as much as their lowest paid player? It's not all the owners fault? When an owner feels he has to pay a player either because of arbitration or because they may lose that player because an agent uses another players salary from another team (almost, always a big market team) in negotiation than thats wrong and it hurts the league.

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