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04-18-2009, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Narnia View Post
We're talking about entry-level contracts, not contracts later in these players careers. Omark hasn't played one game in the NHL, yet posters are treating him like he's Wayne Gretzky. He's not Wayne Gretzky. No one is. Theo Peckham was drafted in the third round and if he makes the NHL will get $535,000. Why should Omark, a player drafted in the fourth round get the same as you suggest $850,000 as Cogs, a player drafted in the first round. There is a rookie max in the NHL and Omark shouldn't be getting the same as first rounders. I don't care how good a player is, he shouldn't be demanding first round money.
Obviously there has to be some middle ground. I like Narnia's hard line stance, and it is needed if any debate about Omark is to be had, and I will give Narnia this, Omark does appear to me as a high strung young player. He would have to be to dominate in a high caliber adult league at such a young age and as a small player. He probably needs to put on some weight and learn a little more savy before he can compete in the much more physical NHL, let's not forget the smaller ice surface in the NHL, the one major drawback of him spending a season in the KHL and Omark not coming over to North America.

I think Omark dominating the SEL in scoring gives him more negotiating leverage than a player coming out of the CHL or college ranks. Thus comparing his contract negotiation to Theo Peckham's is not really a starting point regardless of where he was drafted. Neither is him getting paid as a upper echelon 1st rounder at this point in my opinion.

In my estimation he should be able to receive a contract in the range of a high second rounder at this point in his career. That is what his excellent SEL season has earned him. If he wasn't offered this type of contract perhaps it's because management believes he needs another year of development before he can make an impact in the NHL.

He is a young player. Let's see what he can do at the Worlds, then let's see what he can do in the KHL. It's a no lose situation for the Oilers as long as they keep the flow of communication going. Remember, we do stand to hold his NHL rights for a very long time.

If Omark can dominate the KHL as he did the SEL then great. His negotiation leverage for an NHL contract has increased. If he can dominate the KHL at the age of 23 then I would say he has earned the right to look for close to the rookie max on an entry level contract.

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