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09-16-2004, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Newsguyone
Secondly, I'm sick of seeing so many Americans agree that workers are no longer entitled to pensions, benefits, decent pay, etc.
Just drive off in your imported car and throw your garbage at the newly unemployed standing on the sides of the roads.
Workers are entitled to nothing more than they are worth. If that means a pension, benefits, decent pay, then they will get it in a free market system sans Unions. If they don't have a job that provides that, and they think they deserve it, then go find one that does because they are out there.

And don't knock import cars. It's not their fault that 20+ years ago they looked at a U.S. automobile industry that thought it's presence in the American garage was a birthright instead of a priviledge. They stepped in with superior cars and stole a significant portion of that marketplace. You want to ***** and moan about someone blame the middle to upper management of Chrysler, Ford, GM in past decades. They put American Autos in this mess. Now, they are climbing out of that whole slowly but surely, but a man who buys imports isn't necessarily evil or bad. He could be a man who wanted quality and reliability at a reasonable price. It's not always easy to find that in America.

And quite the crap about throwing trash at the unemployed. So someone who is anti-Union must immediately be a self-serving ******* who thumbs there nose at everyone else while buying import cars (who were likely produced in American factories). Rrrrrright.

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