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09-16-2004, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
Bonuses count against the salary cap. They just get prorated.

So if the Lidstrom signed a 3 year deal for $24 million, but got paid like this:

Bonus - $12 million
Year 1 - $4 million
Year 2 - $4 million
Year 3 - $4 million

He would still count as $8 million against the cap all 4 years.
hat would be true if it is in the new agreement.If not address then it is not counted as salary . Rich teams can get around any cap by the somple personal services greement to the owner or the company . You canot stop personal serice agrements because they are outside hockeys preview. That is just one way to get around the cap.Ever hear of creative accounting?Well you can use that method also to defeat a cap . Example lease agreement with the player.