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09-16-2004, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Licentia
I found it finally by searching for the page on Google. I don't get why a cap wouldn't work? Just make the cap so it can't be circumvented. The salaries - no matter how they are paid - cannot exceed $31 million. Each team must report all of it's spending to the league at the end of the year. Any player paid over the cap - no matter how - will cause the team to be fined. Or the teams assign a player a percentage of the revenue. Or use a points system. That's the best way to do it. Then the league knows exactly what is spent on each player. Each signing when it occurs is reported to the league.

The NFL and NBA are overpaying, and it's well known. That's fine. So the NBA and NFL heads should be penalizing the teams that are doing it.
How can you make a cap uncircumventable when there will NEVER BE ONE ???? sECOUNDLY even if you have a cap a third party laase would get by all caps because the league could not stop leasing players from a third party. Next personal service agreement would also not be covered because it not for playing hockey.For every road block you put up they all can be defeated bcause you cannot see all avenues to pay players. oget the cap will not work and will not happen/Owners must bargain to get cost reduction from the players or they wont get i.

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