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09-16-2004, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by capman29
How can you make a cap uncircumventable when there will NEVER BE ONE ???? sECOUNDLY even if you have a cap a third party laase would get by all caps because the league could not stop leasing players from a third party. Next personal service agreement would also not be covered because it not for playing hockey.For every road block you put up they all can be defeated bcause you cannot see all avenues to pay players. oget the cap will not work and will not happen/Owners must bargain to get cost reduction from the players or they wont get i.
You are so incredibly wrong about this nonsense about leasing players that I'd just like to thank you for the good laugh.

The NFL has a foolproof cap. This is a FACT. None of these fantasy stories you have made up have effected the NFL's cap so why in the hell should we believe this nonsense you are spewing?

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