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09-16-2004, 08:41 PM
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Would You Watch Scabs Play?

We've been talking about this on the Oilers' board a bit and it's gotten some interesting results. Take a look: Just wondering what everyone thinks.

There has been some speculation about the league perhaps eventually calling an "impasse". If that occurs the league could force a new economic system on the league at which point the players would likely strike.

This leads to an interesting question - would you watch scabs play in NHL uniforms?

Here's Gary's current statements:

Q. Commissioner, what is the League's entitlement if a year goes by and there is no agreement? How can you reconstitute the League and begin play again?

COMMISSIONER BETTMAN: The question that you are asking is, when can an employer unilaterally implement new terms and conditions of employment. You can do that at impasse. I have seen a lot of speculation that that's something that we plan to do, and it's something, quite frankly, we haven't given any thought. We're hoping that at some point in the not-too-distant future, the League and the players can get together and that the Union will finally be prepared to negotiate the type of partnership deal that can take our game forward.

Q. This may be too early to say, but do you ever envision a scenario in which you might use replacement players?

COMMISSIONER BETTMAN: As I indicated before that's not anything we have been considering. Speculation on that has probably been used as a device to get the players energized, but it's not something we're considering right now.


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