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09-16-2004, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Craven Morehead
But that hasn't been the theme here at all. Its just a conspiracy that the NHLPA is throwing around. Its naive to think there isn't a correlation between bad management and high salaires IMO. I'm certainly not a business major or pretend to understand everything, but common sense suggests to me that the majority of teams losing money is because of higher salaries, not mis-management from non CBA issues.
Agree 100%...There's very much a dominoe effect with lower market teams. The NHPLA talks about mis-managment. LMAO...If a team is on a SEVERELY resticted budget, then they can't afford top-name players, If they can't afford top-name players then they won't sell out buildings, If buildings are'nt sold out-they lose $$. The NHLPA must surely realize that mis-management and budget go hand in hand...

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