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09-16-2004, 11:07 PM
Veni Vidi Toga
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Pittsburgh and NYI would seem to be arena revenue problems not CBA problems. NYR, St.L, Wash, surely you're not suggesting their losses are CBA related?

Even if the players completely trusted the owners revenue numbers, would they agree to a cap?

Players under 31 dont have the leverage to negotiate their market value. Even arbitration wont give them market value. Yet all these players paid less than market value are causing the owners to spiral out of control? Boy do they need a reset

I love how the media will pounce on everything like Maddens comments hoping to drive a wedge in one side. It would probably be easier to boycott the owners other businesses to end the strike than hope to break the players.

What business products of Jeremy Jacobs other businesses can hockey fans boycott. Is there one of their companies we can target as hockey fans to bring them to agreement faster. Of course those thinking the owners need the cap rather than just want it, will find that hard to do .

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