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09-16-2004, 11:37 PM
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A western world without unions

Jeez! I've been trying and trying to approach this thread with my comments, but I keep getting too long winded... here's the quick-and-dirty version of my ten cents.

One thing is very true, and it goes back to the "collusion in reverse" statement. The key problem is the 'artificial' power they posess, the fact that they're propped up by legislation. Unskilled workers' unions in particular are problematic, and have caused real economic problems in many communities. Look at Flint. Michael Moore loves to blame the car manufacturers for the problems there, but IMO, the unions priced their labour out of the market, and did their part to force the mass exodus.

Simply speaking, unions are unnecessary. Legislation protects today's worker. And those who make critical contributions to the success of their employers have negotiating power. Those who don't, don't. Workers deserve only their market value, and if a worker walks out, by all means, replace them. If you can't, then you better start paying them what they deserve!

Guess where this leads us to! Let's get back to the NHL. Union laws or no union laws, the NHL is the world's elite hockey league. If they wish to remain the elite league, they simply MUST pay elite wages. If not, the players are going to walk. These guys deserve exactly what everyone deserves. Their market rate.

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