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Hockey Arena Part XI -Pull My Youth, Please

Hockey Arena!

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ktulu explains Hockey Arena (from 2005!)
Hi guys and girls? let me introduce myself first...My name is Lukas aka ktulu and I want to present you one online hockey manager - Hockey Arena->

Some facts about HA->
1. game is free...
2. over 40.000 users
3. 42 countries(from Canada,USA,Slovakia,Finland,Sweden to Australia,Belarussia,Brasil... )
4. 26 languages

What is Hockey Arena all about? Every player from nearly 40 thousand registered ones is the owner of a hockey team, fully under his control. You decide on training regimes, you are preparing the lineups for matches, and many more management based activities. The fate of the team is completely in your hands. Only you will decide whether to bring new players from the trade market, whether to expand your training facilities, hiring cheerleaders for the team, and many more out of the money you receive from revenues gained--both from tickets sold or from the team's sponsors. You have to decide whether to invest in training facilities and youth schools to build from within, or to invest large sums on bringing players (such as free agents) from the transfer market. Every dollar spent has a direct impact on the future of the team, which is why it is very important to choose a strategy wisely, weighing in the benefits and flaws of each approach.

If you have decided to give Hockey Arena a try and create a team, you will automatically be placed into one of the leagues in your country. Of course, you will not find yourself in the highest league right from the start. If you want to compare with the best teams, you will have a long road ahead of you—every season lasts 70 days, during which you play 30 league matches in the regular season (A home and away set between the 16 teams in each league). The 8 best teams in regular season will advance to the playoffs, the two finalists promoting to a higher league. Aside from league play, there is the National Cup played on Wednesdays. If you are eliminated from the National Cup you can schedule friendly games to your off-days. Friendly matches are best to test new lineups, new tactics and give your starters a rest. There is also a World championship played once every two seasons, the best players from each country compete under the guidance of a National Manager, elected by all the managers from his home country. Will you be able to amass yourself such a successful reputation that you will become the National Manager for your country?
NHL33 (aka The Budaj Bugati) gives new teams some Important Advice

Don't worry about winning games right now.

First, go around through the various menus. Click on the "?" button where appropriate for information. Secondly, read the overall guide found under Home --> Guide. Third, ask lots of questions. Discussion --> Canada. I think Canada might have a mentor program...I know the U.S. does, so if Canada does, apply for a mentor. Else I know Canada has some newbie / Q&A threads which you should go through. Long read probably but that's life.

For now you want to just build up your stadium (Team --> Stadium), this means spending every dollar you can every week whenever to upgrade. This means: spend up to the $14 million in debt allowable (you'd have seen this if you read the guide!) on training and regeneration. Both should be upgraded simultaneously, as both are equally important in daily improvements to your player. You want to get Y.S. to 20% ASAP as well. After that you can slack off on Y.S. and go the 40/40/20, 60/60/40, ... , 100/100/80 route on Training/Regeneration/Youth School.

Every Wednesday you get money for your sponsorship, $5100 for every member in your fan club (Team --> Info). For league games, the home team pulls in revenues...for friendlies, the money is split. Challenge higher leagues for more revenues, although it gets more difficult for the very high leagues since they stick to their own usually. :S
A playoff game in friendly means continuous O.T., a normal game means ties...go with the latter. It'll potentially save energy. Go around and challenge the V or VI or IV teams for friendlies for all your off-days. NOT DOING SO MEANS LOSING MONEY, expenses are daily regardless of whether there's a match.

This will be a tedious process for you, and you won't build your stadium up significantly for a while yet. Training your players is not very effective until you hit 80% in T/R, and it's quite amazing the differences between, say, 100% and 60%. Every 10% you get a boost, the maximum boost at 20%...but that's kind of off-topic for now.

Every other Sunday there is a youth pull. This Sunday there is none. Basically, that means junior players arrive and you can "build from within". Unfortunately, since building from within is most effective at high levels of T/R, it's not very feasible. All the same, this is a great opportunity to make a lot of cash if you hit the jackpot--look out for young players (19 or under) with high quality (90+ is excellent, 80+ is very good, 70+ is good) and preferably high potential. A player with 100% Quality will sell for a LOT on the market...if young. Older players, say, 25 years old? Not so much.

AI is critical. Younger players with high Q/P can be trained best and molded by teams with good facilities. So, I think you can see why the stadium is so critical to the game. Not only can you improve, but you NEED to do so for higher levels where the opposition does as well. Depending on the market, where prices are inflated, is a bad idea. Luckily, you're intelligent and will listen to us and do as we say and BUILD UP T/R (and Y.S. to 20%) and not fall into the trap. Don't waste money on scouting, don't worry too much about upgrading cheerleading or marketing regularly for now. Maybe give it the odd upgrade, but shouldn't be a concern nor should it interfere with you upgrading T/R (& Y.S.).

Right now, you're going to lose. A lot. If you go on the market, don't buy. Go watch how prices are, learn what are good stats to train for various positions, etceteras. If you're smart you'll spend hours on the market before actually buying...since you want to conserve money right now for your facilities.
Goalie: 1. Goaltending, 2. Speed, 3A. Passing (say 10) / 3B. Self control (say 7)
Center: 1. Attack, 2A. Shooting / 2B. Strength, 3. Passing (say 10)
Wingers: 1. Attack, 2. Shooting, 3. Speed (passing also imp.)
Defensemen: 1. Defense, 2. Strength, 3. Speed

*Important Market Info* Focus on #1 and #2 stat categories for the positions. As you grow older in the game, several seasons from now, more complementary statistics will grow in importance. For right now, to stay competitive at the lower level as you build up your stadium, if you DO purchase players, look for Q+P >= 120, with Q>60.
For AI aim for the following:
19 years - 65
18 years - 50
17 years - 35

Try not to waste money. Spend at most, say, $100K. Use your judgment. Look for good AI totals at cheap cost with decent quality...DO NOT waste your money on veterans. Not only do they have higher daily salaries, they train slower, and right now building up you don't have much a use for them.

You might want to, say, get a good goalie for about $12 million at season's end or such. Throw it at a goalie with Q >= 60, about 21-22 years old, goaltending = 50, speed = 40, sco = 5.

I might be inflating the stats or such. I don't remember what are good starting numbers...but basically get a good goalie. DO NOT OVER PAY. Best thing to do is look several hours ahead and ask about players, say some goalie, and ask for an approximation of what he'll likely get or how much he's worth spending, etc.

Keep asking questions. No matter how stupid your question seems, it's probably been asked by at least 5 of us in the past. Keep building up your facilities. Don't worry too much about money.

Since this IS a sim game, it might not be appropriate for you. A lot of patience will be required, and the fruits of your labor will be sweet, but some either get frustrated, bored, or whatever. So, choose to spend your time wisely. I highly recommend the game and so do others, just make sure you're having fun and remember it's just a game. Don't let things beyond your hand get to you.

Hope this helps. It better. NHL33 (aka Budaj Bugatti) wasted some time typing it up.

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