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We have another newbie guide from kdunbar. It covers a lot of the same stuff as NHL's, but it's got numbers!


A few words / warnings / for new guys ...

1) Many of your players have temporary free contracts. They will be automatically signed within a week. (Don't worry about it.)

2) Don't spend too much more than 100K until you are more comfortable with the game's economics. You start with 3 M, but this disappears fast and comes back slow. It's easy to overspend when an auction heats up. Give yourself a limit.

3) Building your Training / Regeneration / Youth School / Marketing to 20% right away. There are bonus on multiples of twenty. Consider Training and Regeneration to be equal and opposite, they don't really do anything different from one another. It's difficult to see at first, but just build them evenly and figure it out later. Assuming that your Training and Regeneration are equal, set your "Training Intensity" to 85%. More decreases your player's energy, less wastes training. Set training schedules immediately, never let your players idle for even one day and lose that training.

4) Don't add seats until you begin to sell out many league games. When you do decide to add seats, (many sell outs in a row, ticket price is above league average, etc...) build it in an increment that will have the purchased seats available for your next home game (not a friendly).

5) You get roughly 7M every Wednesday from fans. This is all that keeps your team afloat for awhile. As such, don't panic if you go into the negative balances - you can go as low as -15 M but with no available money but you might miss out on a good buy on the market or other opportunity. Again, wait until you better understand the economics.

6) With that being said, you will be able to find players for 100K who will become immediate starters. Check out the market either way, and get to know it. Also, don't fire anyone with 60 Quality or more without trying to sell them on the market.

7) Quality - Arguably the single most important stat a player has. It's how fast a player improves. Make sure your best quality players are playing, these players will be your stars in five seasons.

8) Potential - The longevity of your players. Your players lose approximately 6 potential points a year, and once they hit 0, they stop gaining skills. They also go beyond zero and start getting worse. (94 - 88 - 82 - 76 - 71 - 65 - 53 - 47 - 41 - 35 - 29 - 24 - 18 - 12 - 6 - 0 - -6 - -12 etc...)

9) Scouting - All your players "actually" have one of these values for potential. If you look though your players though, you'll see all kinds of numbers, falling in between these numbers. This is because your scouts haven't sized up the player yet. You learn the player's exact quality at 18 and potential at 22. Until then, your scouts make a guess. Under Team -> Scout you can choose a player to learn their exact value. This is important, players can be off by as much as 20%.

10) example A player with 90 Q and 60 P player compared with a player with 60 Q and 90 P with the same AI stats. The 90 Q guy will reach a higher AI level, but the 90 P guy will be around 5 seasons longer.

11) Book up all free days with friendlies to help with the cash flow. If possible, try to book away/visiting friendlies against high league opponents (I.I II.1 II.2). They have better stadiums than you and will make more money per game. Friendly income is split between the two teams.

12) Finally, if you want to pull your goalie this is how it works.
If within this many minutes,
at least this many goals have been allowed and
your team trails by this amount or more:
then the goalie switch happens.

13) Read and ask lots of questions! We'll help you out.

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