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04-19-2009, 10:14 AM
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I like Gainey and I hope all the best for the guy, but I don't think he has been that great to Montreal. Our talent underrated, other talent overrrated. His blind loyalty to Theodore cost Julien his job, and when he realised how wrong he was, he traded Theodore. (For the record I think Julien is a bad coach, but that's beyond the point). Now he's pulling the same thing with Price. Complete blind loyalty to him. When he starts losing it, Carbo gets fired when he starts playing Halak.

I can't say that he's doing a disastrous job, but his tenure in Montreal has been horrible as far as goalies are concerned. He keeps getting in the coach's yard when it comes to goaltending and 2 coach have gotten fired because of the goalies. Carbo was going to send Price back in the AHL for 1 year when Gainey stepped in and forced him to keep him in Montreal. Never like that from Gainey.

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