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09-17-2004, 04:14 AM
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Most AHL players are on NHL contracts. Replacements would have to be drawn mostly from the ECHL and the semi-pro leagues. I don't think the hockey can be sold as anywhere near major league. I think most fans would prefer Major Junior.

It isn't going to happen. The NHL will try to get a judge to declare an impasse in the negotiations and allow them to unilaterally impose change. The NHLPA will oppose that that motion. I'm not going to try to guess what a judge will do in that case but I would guess that it depends on whether there is a lot more effort on the owner's behalf to negotiate a deal between now and then. If the judge rules for the players, nothing changes.

If the judge rules in favour of the league, the NHL will probably try to tempt the players with the most generous salary cap system they are prepared to give. The players will have three options: 1) Convert the lockout to a strike. As long as the players hold firm nothing really changes 2) Decertify the union, report for work and start with the anti-trust lawsuits or 3) Accept the deal or a variation of the deal.


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