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09-17-2004, 05:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Taranis_24
I'm thinking of it from both sides. The players salary in 1990 was bit over 270K, in 2003 it's 1.8M so in 13-14 years the players salary jumped 700%.
The players were screwed over back then. 270K back then was probably worth about 500-550K of todays money.

Assume the owners were being unfair and keeping player salaries at 1/2 what they should have been back them. So double their 1991 salary to $540K. Allow for inflation (2x) which gives us about $1.08m in todays money. To me, that is about where avg salary should be, $1.3m offered by the NHL is relatively generous, the $1.8m seems way out of whack. $1.3m is offering the players more than twice what they made relative to 1991, thats not bad. I wish my boss would quadruple my salary every 13 years.

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