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09-17-2004, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
Again, do you really think in 1 year everything will be solve ?

the PA offer 160M$ saving that 2/3 of the problems RIGHT NOW !!!

Can we suppose that
1) Owners will try to decrease salary like they ALREADY DID the last 2 summer.

With the ACTUAL CBA the owners by THEMSELVES did go from 273M$ to 224M$ that 18% better than 1 year ago in the actual CBA

2) Owners will adress their issues regarding MARKETS in trouble

3) Will owners be that stupid to re-do a 9M$ to Holik ?

4) Rookie for 3 years got 1,2M$ even if he scored 41 GOALS !!! Can we say , the OWNER got more his money that what he was suppose to get ? What's wrong on a 41 goals player to get 4-5M$ for 3-4 years after his rookie contract ?

So you're saying it's ok for an owner to exploit an underpaid rookie @ 1,2M$ who score 41 GOALS but it's not okay for a player to ask for 4-5M$ on a long term after he done that ?

Again stop thinking only as a fan & think as if you were on both sides.
1) wrong. Salaries have still increased by 2-3% the last two years. Not down. Still up. Check your numbers.

2) Yes

3) Yes.. Chris Pronger.

4) Rookie signs for 1.24M$ for 3 years gets 10 goals and gets a guarateed minimum increase of 10% if team want to keep him.
Secondly, with easily attainable performance bonuses, Thorton, Kovalchuk, Zherdev, Ruutu, are all making 3-4 million on their first years. EASILY. Fleury for Pittsburg needed to only play a certrain amount of games to clinch 3M$ of bonuses despite a 1.24M$ base salary. After signing him, Patrick outwardly said he felt stupid for having agreed to those bonuses. I'm suprised youre not aware of this!

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