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09-17-2004, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Fish on The Sand
unions should be illegal. its collusion in reverse.
I understand your sentiment but actually what would work better is the converse. Collusion should not be 'illegal.' If one side can organize why can't the other? Cartelization (or collusion) is a temporary situation that is remedied by either new technology (demand for a complimentary product) or natural competitive forces. Just like the need for a Union. The most celebrated cartel in the world is OPEC and they really only used 'cartel' powers to gouge their customers during the 1970's, after that, member nations ignored OPEC rules of production quotas and the price of oil dropped like a stone, along with an increase in production by other producers, like the U.S. and USSR/Russia.

The Players want a Free Market, then give them a Free Market, one where the owners have all the weapons available to them the players do. In the current situation, that is simply not the case. It's like having a duel where Bob Goodenow is wielding an AR-15 (with flash hider and bayonet lug) sitting on top of a hill and Bettman is holding a sword trying to charge his position.

That's precisely why there's a lockout.


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