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09-17-2004, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ti-vite
1) wrong. Salaries have still increased by 2-3% the last two years. Not down. Still up. Check your numbers.

Again if the increase was 10% & this year 2-3% can we say -7% compare to last year ?

Also REVENUE did go up also ? You want the revenues to go up but salaries should never increase ?

Everyone is talking about how the average salary did go from 700K to 1,8M$ in 10 years but no one is talking that revenues did go up from 600M$ to 2G$ in 10 years also. Can you call them hypocrites ? The problem is that the management in place spend like governments in the 70's-80's where Revenues increase but Government spend even more than the revenues.

2) Yes

So where's the CBA related ????

3) Yes.. Chris Pronger.

Like someone said, Pronger & Holik ? Not the same caliber. I don't have any problem for the Lidstrom, Pronger, Forsberg of this world getting 10M$.

4) Rookie signs for 1.24M$ for 3 years gets 10 goals and gets a guarateed minimum increase of 10% if team want to keep him.
Secondly, with easily attainable performance bonuses, Thorton, Kovalchuk, Zherdev, Ruutu, are all making 3-4 million on their first years. EASILY. Fleury for Pittsburg needed to only play a certrain amount of games to clinch 3M$ of bonuses despite a 1.24M$ base salary. After signing him, Patrick outwardly said he felt stupid for having agreed to those bonuses. I'm suprised youre not aware of this!

Already been adressed in the proposal by the NHLPA so stop talking about it. It will be fix ! The problem I have is that everyone think someone being overpaid is WRONG but a player being underpaid is OK. There are as many case of players being underpaid as players being overpaid. Somewhere it gets even.
Again stop being the judge of what FOR YOU as a fan a player is worth.

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