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09-17-2004, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
Already been adressed in the proposal by the NHLPA so stop talking about it. It will be fix ! The problem I have is that everyone think someone being overpaid is WRONG but a player being underpaid is OK. There are as many case of players being underpaid as players being overpaid. Somewhere it gets even.
Does it??? I see your point, but many players who perform and are 'underpaid' are doing so during a contract that both parties agreed to. Should the owner rip up that contract and sign the player to a new one because he is better then what the market says he should be paid (ie. Rick Nash)??? We know the player would never ask for a paycut because he felt he didn't play well enough the previous season. For every Rick Nash's, there about 3 John Leclairs (I mean just overpaid, not grossly overpaid for like 9 million or so)

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