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Originally Posted by mlandry View Post
I like Gainey but seriously, I think his way of doing things didn't work. In an interview with RDS one of the things he said after the 2nd game was that the players should listen to the coach more... that's never a good sign when a GM says that of his players.

We have the opportunity for a complete rebuild this summer that wouldn't take us 5 years to pull off. If Gainey can pull it off, so be it, but I just don't see him doing it.

Since we are possibly getting a new owner, changing the upper levels of management might be what we need (as much as I wish we won't change owners, because we have a great one).

I wish we could keep Gainey as an offensemen D-coach but as a GM I don't think he's done enough to warrant staying.

Don't get me wrong, I know a complete rebuild is not a fun solution, but almost all of our good players are getting old. We also had a lot of injuries this season, which didn't help. However, even without injuries I don't think we could of went much farther than the 2nd round.

I would keep Lang and Koivu because good centers are hard to find, maybe Kovalev for another year but depends on the price. Tanguay is good and not too old yet so getting him long term would be nice. The rest though, I wouldn't mind seeing big chances (mostly on D and the 2nd line, possibly a veteran goalie).
A complete rebuild IMO would be the worst decision that the team could make. Its one thing to cut some of the dead weight, but to gut the team would be a terrible choice. Teams have proven that you can flip a struggling young team in less than a year, if you bring in the appropriate veterens. I just don't see how getting rid of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year players in an off season would help this team move forward. Alot of the young guys had bad seasons, but does that mean they will never pan out? I see alot of posters on this board panicking and losing faith in the youth because of one shakey season. Who hear honestly believes that Higgins, Pleks and the Kosty brothers played anywhere close to their potential this year. They (maybe not all...) will bounce back, and if the team is gutted of its youth, it will come back to haunt us. And trading them when they are struggling simply isnt good asset management. Why would you rebuild in the middle of a rebuild? This team is one of the youngest in teh league and has made the playoffs 2 season in a row.

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