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04-19-2009, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Shane View Post
Q = Quality

It is a static number that a player is assigned when he is "born" (pulled from a team's youth school at age 17-19). Ranges from 1-100, and determines how well a player trains. The higher, the better. Under 60 is pretty much garbage, while 90+ is great.

P = Potential

Also determined when a player is pulled from his youth school, it differs in that it drops by about six at the end of every season. Basically it tells you how long a player will be good for. Once it hits zero, the player stops improving. After that, it goes to negative numbers and your player's attributes start declining and he becomes gradually worse.

Basically, when evaluated together, they give you an idea of how good a player is, and how good he could potentially become.
Thanks alot, I thought P might be potential but I was stuck of Q lol

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