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09-17-2004, 11:12 AM
Kaiped Krusader
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Workers have every right to form unions ... why shouldn't they?

If owners can pool their capital and allocate it in such a way to maximize their profits, then why can't workers do the same? Their labor is their capital. Why shouldn't they be able to band together to keep an eye out for their own welfare? Saying legislation will do that for them is a bit naive. The American way is to watch out for yourself, not expect the government to do it for you, is it not?

If owners get tied into bargaining agreements with ridiculous salaries or rules (such as the camera surveillance one mentioned above) then they have only themselves to blame for agreeing to those terms. It's no different from the current NHL situation where the owners have no one to blame but themselves for allowing player salaries to get way out of whack with respect to league revenue streams. Like any other worker-owner dispute, this will correct itself eventually. Sometimes, it's the owners that have to cave in, other times, it's the workers. The trend in recent years seems to be that the workers have gotten too much of the pie (the NHL dispute, labor concessions with respect to hours and pensions in France and Germany recently, etc,) but that doesn't mean that unions should be banned.

Having said this, I'm no more pro-union than I am pro-management. I basically believe people should have as much freedom to try to get the best they can for themselves, whether they're a white-collar manager or stockholder or a blue-collar worker. Workers should be able to unionize and companies should be able to take their business elsewhere (overseas if necesessary) if its in their interests. Each side needs to weigh the benefits and risks of how they decide to deploy their resources - if either side demands too much and won't budge, they risk losing everything. That's how it works and that's how it should work.

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