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09-17-2004, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
I hope this is making sense.
I think it is ... Thanks for the great insight and info... It is very much appreciated...

Could the NHL provide the individual teams with 'suggested player values' (regardless of what economic system is agreed to in the CBA)?

That way, even in a 'free market system', the individual team GM's (and owners) have a 'suggested' benchmark when negotiating contracts with player agents- based on what the NHL and the team's peers value the player to be worth... i.e. interpretation of 'player value' no longer becomes just an individual GM/team decision - but the GM/team is armed with the knowledge of what the NHL and the other teams think the player is worth as well...

And this is independent to what the player actually earns... It's what the NHL and the owners (as a group) think the player should earn...

Even if the Rangers pay Holik $9 million, the Rangers (and the rest of the teams) know that the NHL and the other teams value Holik to be $3.5 million, for example. Next season, if Holik plays terrible, the NHL and the owners 'suggested player value' for Holik goes down to $2 million - even though he is still being paid $9 million...

Is this legal?

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