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09-17-2004, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by eye
Well, John Madden is the first player to have the guts to speak the truth and how he really feels. I'm betting most players feel the same way but don't want the heat that comes with speaking out. Gretzky and Lemeiux are the 2 hockey people that should speak out but would they be listened to or accused of a conflict of interest. Vlad, I think your overestimating the power and respect that Goodenow has. This is a new breed of players that have grown up to think of themselves first. I look for more players like Madden to speak out in the coming days. Owners want a form of partnership and a guarantee that player salaries won't be higher than other major sports - IMO and the opinion of a majority of fans is that it's a reasonable quest that would at least put a stop to yearly ticket price increases. Not everyone is a stupid and brainwashed as Toronto fans are. Imagine that many of them actually paid over $600 to see one boring World Cup final. The hockey world no longer revolves around Toronto and it's time for the media to understand the game is bigger than the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Again try to put this in perspective ?

how many OWNERS : 30 !!!

How many disagree with him : 6 (NYR, AVS, PHI, STL, COL, DET) = 20%

6 out 30 is HUGE !!!

How many NHLPA MEMBERS : I thought 1100 but it seems to be 750 !

how many disagree with him : MADDEN, THOMAS ? Let's 10%

75 out of 750 is not many but everyone like you is thinking, well here's the Goodenow leadership thrown away !!

Just ridiculous !

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