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09-17-2004, 12:43 PM
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Put yourselves into a players skates so to speak. Would you be sitting at home thinking geez, there is no way I want to play hockey if the owners want a cap. Players just want to be treated well and paid well. It's greedy agents and Goodenow that won't allow the pendulum to swing back to the middle where it's good for both sides. Players are pretty simple people for the most part. If you interview everyone of them in total confidence and ask them; would you agree to play hockey tomorrow with a 20% paycut or sit out for up to 2 years or more with no pay? I think the answer is a simple and resounding yes I want to play. There are only so many jobs in Europe and they pay far less than minimum NHL wages to play there. This resistance to the CAP THING is all Goodenow and an attempt by him to earn his legacy. He may be playing poker against the wrong opponent this time.

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