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04-19-2009, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by BulldogFever View Post
Sheed 36, your avatar is hot!

You guys are soft, nobody ripped me. The goal is be careful for what you wish for it might come true. Remember the ineptitude of the Reggie Houle era, not only did we suck but we had nobody in the minors! And now everyone wants to go back to those days because we can't challenge for the Cup. Before last year we finished 7th or 8th for the last few years. Then everyone has a career year at the same time and we finish 1st - Wow! as Pierre Houde would say. After every crappy, a_ _ kissing reporter in this town picked them out of the playoffs. Then they ripped them to shreads when they won the conference because hey, they can never be wrong. And now they rip them because they're losing to the best team in the conference. I say fire all the media and replace them with objective reporters who studied at a university and who know how to report. Where did Dave Morissette, Michel Bergeron, Pierre Pagé, Jean Perron, Michel Langevin & PJ Stock ( just because they give you a piece of paper doesn't mean you learnt anything) study? Loser U - Bergeron -never won anything in his life, Morissette - nice guy, crappy journalist, Pierre Pagé - Imbecile, Perron -Incompetent, Langevin - the worst radio guy in the history of the world!
PJ Stock actually studied a year at St FX, though I'm sure a lot of the people proudly wearing the X ring would rather not be reminded of that. Though i'll leave myself the pleasure of doing so should they not want to hear it.

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