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09-17-2004, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
You are contradicting yourself. Union's are rarely in the best interests of workers. There are instances both in the past and in the present where they have helped, but they do little to help the average worker. And the American way is to watch out for yourself, not forming inefficient groups who serve only the interests of a few.
I'm not contradicting myself at all. People will naturally do what's in their interests.

If "the average worker" finds the union isn't suiting his needs then he should do something about it. If someone is a high achiever and feels they're being held back by the union, then it might be in their best interests to operate outside the bargaining framework somehow, either by setting up shop as an independent, by finding a more lucrative line of work, or by - gasp - finding a way to work into the management ranks.

Are unions "socialist"? Well, I guess they are, but that's what the socialist cause represents, isn't it - the working class? Do you expect workers to form a group that's going to fight to get a bigger piece of the pie for their employers?

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