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04-19-2009, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by lhf1 View Post
I'm very much aware of the Yankees' financial situation. But a superstar like Sabathia could have gotten a lot of money elsewhere too. Players sign for the Yankees for the money, but also for the fact that they know they're going probably going to play for a contender year after year. That in my mind makes the athletes accept dealing with the huge media pressure that comes with playing for the Yankees. The Canadiens haven't been to the Conference finals since 1993. If we were winning like Detroit, everyone would want to sign here.

Anyways, the media pressure is there. It's not going away. Instead of whining about it on HFBoards like a lot of people seem to do, they should start actually writing to media outlets that have angered them if they really want things to change. At least, just don't watch what you don't like. I personnaly do not like Jean-Charles Lajoie, and when he's on I change the channel. It's easy really. I don't feel the urge to complain about him.
If we were winning like Detroit...only Detroit wins like Detroit

Everyone else is in the same pool. Players don't actually appear that concerned with how good the team is. You always hear about them signing here or there for family reasons or for convenience (close to their favourite place). Players sign in TB and Florida basically just to soak up the sun (hello Cory Stillman). The fact one wants to come here voluntarily. And yet they're more than willing to go anywhere else. We just scare people away.

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