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04-20-2009, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by sXe View Post
Exactly, the "media" ain't nothing else than fan like us, they don't know more about hockey, they don't think differently than the majority, they may have influence but they don't dictate what people think.

The "Yankee" example is completely ridiculous, it has nothing to do about money. NY will always attract free agents in any sports because of the city. How many millionaires live in Brossard you think?
You can probably count the number of millionaires in Montreal, it's a small village compare to New York, it's like St-Lin compared to here. Would athletes hoping to become stars want to move to St-Lin? "Oh! you'll be revered and adored by everyone at the Tim Hortons and people at the McDo will give you free big macs because fans are real passionate in St-Lin. " That's how stupid our GM sounds when he's talking to ufa about coming here.

Life is completely different in NYC than Montreal it's not even worth comparing. Pressure is just a word we like to throw around, it has more to do about respect of privacy and private life. It's much easier to escape that in a big city than a small town where everyone knows each other.
I dunno if you know this but...

The Greater Montreal area is about the 28th biggest metro area in all of the Americas. It's about the 13th biggest in North America and that is including "twin cities" and urban sprawled cities like Pheonix-Scottsdale, Miami-FortLauderdale, SanFran-Oakland... aside from NYC, Chi, L.A. and Dallas MTL can give any American city a run for their money. Also we're the safest, sexiest and most efficient out of all of them!

Montreal is pretty big man, quit hatin'

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